Under water


Still training with no-countouring illustration, with this time a girl getting lost under water.

Today i received bad news. Sad news. The ones you wish to never have but unfortunatly you don’t have the choice. Because life is unfair. Fucking life. You will keep hurting me until the end don’t you?

Asia memories

Hey you,

I’d like to show you some sketchs of my Christmas holiday in Asia with my family. In 3 weeks we visited Malaysia, Vietnam and Bali. It was so fantastic. Vietnam is probably my favourite because of the food (of course) and because its not so touristic than Bali maybe. I know my sketchs won’t show how magical these landscapes are, but i thought it was better than taking photos (plus i forgot my camera). Anyway i see you soon for some new stuff. See you and take care of course! 🙂