Afrikan style

Yep! i’ve just found a new brushes set and it’s fucking amazing! Hell yeah!

Yes i’m using unappropriated words. So what? Com’on its my blog, i do whatever i want and i just don’t care what you might think about me. Or maybe a little…Please come back. I miss you. Don’t leave me alone. You know i love you.

Anyway! soon, i might make a video without speed time. And i’ll record my voice to explain every step of ma process. It’s not gonna be pro. It’s gonna be terrible. Be prepare.




Ephemeral match

Hey everybody!

Here’s a small story about what i call « ephemeral match ». This happen when your eyes meet a stranger eyes. Something between you two happen briefly. And then it’s just gone because you have your life to do and so for the other one. But sometimes i wonder what might happen if someone dare to go ahead and speak with the stranger.

Anywayyy have a good weekend with lots of beers!